Corporate Innovation

Leverage innovation for business growth


Hack Idea for Fast-track Solution

Hackathon is an activity in which teams made up of both technical, design and business experts get together to work on a collaborative project. The objective is to design, build and present the most innovative solution to a problem. On the last day, teams will have to pitch a final concept, prototype or presentation to investors or stakeholders


  • Innovative Thinking and Creativity
  • Employee Collaborative Empowerment
  • Team Spirit and Culture Building
  • Experimentation Mentality


  • New Technologies Building
  • Business Challenge Hacking
  • Corporate Branding
  • Talent Recruitment


Innovation accelerators for corporates

An innovation accelerator (or startup accelerator) is a growth program that provides support to validated business concepts to scale fast. The support can be in the form of: resources (people and money), mentors, connections and knowledge.

Internal accelerators
(or corporate accelerators)

Acceleration programs funded and run by corporations. Team members develop internal ideas in a given time, sometimes in exchange for equity.

External accelerators
(or startup accelerators)

Acceleration programs funded and run by public or private entities. Startups have a fixed time to show results in exchange of equity.

Venture Building

Rebuilding business in a short timeframe

Long-term programs to rebuild business by bringing together an efficient team of startups to present solutions or business ideas to the organization. Startups will develop ideas into a new business for the organization within a short timeframe and with less capital requirement than starting from scratch. This is beneficial in terms of being able to deliver products or services to the market quickly and strengthening the competitiveness.

Business Matching


Deep Sourcing Startups or business partners

Reach out and connect with leading international or Thai startups or business partners


Challenge Statement

Challenge Statement Operate to get a clear, concise goal for participants and helps to understand the aims and terms of all the stakeholders.



Assist in maximizing business networking opportunities.



Bring success due story to show at TSGS or having media content cover by Techsauce media

Conference & Workshop

- Trainings builds skill
- Skill builds credibility
- Credibility builds brand

Impactful brands make a difference. We help brands rediscover their purpose through corporate training in four key training areas: Brand Strategy, Internal Branding, Branded Customer Experience and Sales & Marketing. We help you develop growth-led businesses with value.

Acquire future-proof innovation capabilities

Adaptability & Agility : A fast-changing world requires quickly transforming capabilities to keep up with the pace. Get your employees accustomed to positive change, and find people who have change and agility in their nature.


An innovative culture and the right set of creativity techniques are essential. Enhance your team’s customer-centric mindset and skills in developing new products, services, and business concepts, as well as finding new markets for your innovative technology.


Turn your managers into intrapreneurs. Make them adopt a hands-on approach with their projects using a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools, as well as a structured intrapreneurship process to change ideas into market-ready solutions.

Learning and Development

Digital Transformation Starter

Create, test and develop new business ideas

A program designed especially for organizations to build the new business ideas by applying the tools and knowledge of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Business Model Innovation without relying on to the old operating model and existing model.


Community Building Consultation

Build long-lasting relationships

This consultation is to build relationships inside your organizations and with the targeted customers. Through processes and tools that are recognized among global community leaders, this program will create the understanding in designing operational guidelines, measuring results, and developing relevant personnel to build relationships.

Culture Transformation

Change from the inside out

Corporate culture is essential to the number of performance and turnover rate. Using reliable statistical data of work-related attitude, this data is an important element of corporate culture to innovate, measure and operate a comprehensive program.

Top Management Training

Providing leadership development solutions at all levels that focus on and transform the whole leader.

At Techsauce we know that throughout what top management skill is needed, the next opportunity is always around the corner of the company to take advantage of and provide to them. Each program has been carefully designed to help your company reach your goals and equip you with the skills to face management challenges and opportunities.

Technology Disruption
Technology Trend
Digital Transformation Strategy
Investment landscape

Internal Content

Internal knowledge base for your organization

Exclusive Virtual Talk

  • Exclusive Virtual (Internal)
  • Interview international speakers
  • Interactive sessions with top management
  • Summary and key takeaways (Article)


Highlight topics

  • Industry insight innovation (Financial Inclusion solution, DeFi etc)
  • Corporate Innovation case studies
  • Digital Transformation case studies
  • Culture Transformation case studies